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The special quality of the company was recently recognized by the establishment of its own training and technology center in Düren and put on a new, prestigious footing. The training courses are carried out by qualified specialists.

Fall protection
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Innovation in Düren

Test field for anchor devices

In this hall, all SECUPOHL products can be repeatedly tested and subjected to constant loads under practical conditions in terms of area and height. The measurement methods and results meet scientific requirements. The attractive center of the test field for anchor devices is a test tower that moves on rails and is designed in accordance with the requirements of the EN and US standards as well as the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology, Berlin).

Dynamic tests with drop weights of 100 to 200 kg and drop heights of five meters can be carried out here, as well as static tests with tensile forces of up to 40kN. This is more than sufficient for loads that normally occur in construction.

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