Safe on the roof

Fall protection for the roof

Occupational safety is important and fall protection on the roof makes a very important contribution to this. Why this is so and what to look out for, we clarify all the important questions here.

A fall protection device is a device that prevents or should intercept falls from high work areas. These forms of security play an important role in occupational safety. Fall protection is particularly important when working on or on a roof. There are 2 different types of fall protection:

  • Primary fall protection roof

These are devices such as handrails that are attached to prevent a fall beforehand. With this type of protection, collective protection can be created for many people.

  • Secondary fall protection roof

This type of backup is a way of intercepting or arresting a fall or fall. Mostly it concerns the protection of individual persons.

Depending on the nature and type of the roof, there are different roof fall protection options. Because the prerequisites determine the possibilities of the securing and specify the type of roof fall protection. Already at the planning stage, it is worth calling in experts to ensure optimal security.

Legislation also stipulates different height specifications for different work areas. In addition to the height information, there are also other factors that make a roof fall protection necessary.

  • Regardless of the height, the legislation always prescribes a roof fall protection for work that takes place above or near the water.
  • In general, roof fall protection is specified on roofs from a height of 3 meters.

In general, according to the law, there is a need for roof fall protection from a height of 3 meters. The type of roof is irrelevant. Thanks to the various options, roof fall protection systems can be attached to all roofs.

In general, it can be said that the possibilities are more extensive with flat roofs, but also with pitched roofs, various possibilities of securing can be attached, which then ensure increased protection of the workers.

For all work on roofs that are more than 3 meters high, a roof fall protection is necessary and so mandatory.

Roof fall protection systems are not only important in the worst case of a fall. The fuses are just as useful for safe and concentrated work. Because if the workers feel safe, the work can also take place with the best possible concentration. If you are afraid of heights or at great heights, the feeling of security plays an extremely important role, because this is the only way to concentrate and carry out the work with the necessary care. Roof fall protection is not only required by law, it is also extremely important for the health of workers.

Roof fall protection systems can always be retrofitted, especially on flat roofs. How big the effort is depends largely on the condition and nature of the flat roof. Retrofitting is generally always possible, only the effort differs and, if the inventory is poor, it can be associated with significantly higher effort. To what extent the scope and the work involved in retrofitting always depends on the individual conditions of the roof.