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Personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE) is a set of personal protective equipment that is adapted to the purpose and includes at least one body restraint (safety harness) and a fastening system (lanyard).

Psaga means personal protective equipment against falls. There are many different options for the Psaga. The simplest variant for personal protective equipment against falls consists of an attachment point, an anchor or a lifeline system in combination with a safety vest or a full body harness. However, there are many different other variants that belong to the Psaga. This protects people who have to work at heights from falling or the fall is intercepted. Serious injuries can be prevented and work safety is guaranteed even when working at heights.

There are many professions that rely on the Psaga. All work that has to be carried out at certain heights must also be secured with appropriate fall protection according to occupational safety. There are various options for fall protection. The primary fall protection systems and the secondary fall protection systems.

The Psaga is one of the secondary fall protection systems that are used for individual people and thus ensure personal protection against falls. Professional groups such as firefighters, industrial climbers, roofers, production workers but also professional groups who are responsible for maintenance and cleaning at heights, use the Psaga again and again to provide fall protection.

In terms of occupational safety, requirements apply to the height from which fall protection must be used. The height but also the place of work plays an important role.

  • Work that is carried out above or on water or other liquid substances must always be equipped with fall protection.
  • Work in traffic routes, including open stairwells or all other types of wall openings, must be carried out with fall protection from a height of 1 meter.
  • All other work from a height of 2 meters must always be carried out with fall protection.

Personal protective equipment against falls from a height is made up of various components. These must be coordinated with each other and combined with one another, this is the only way to create a safe psaga that can be intercepted in the event of a fall or can prevent a fall. In general, rope protection elements are mostly used as psaga.

This means that there must be a fixed, fixed point on the building, structure or structure that leads to the person's personal security system with a suitable lanyard.

The combination can then guarantee fall protection. A distinction can be made between whether the fall should be prevented in advance or whether the Psaga should provide fall protection in the event of a fall.

With the various rope systems, Psaga can be created that do not allow a fall at all by restricting the range of motion so that the edge of the fall cannot be reached. In this way, the possibility of a fall cannot even arise during the work, because the Psaga does not allow anyone to get near the edge of the fall.

However, there is also work that requires proximity to the edge of the fall. In this case, special dampers are incorporated into the lanyards, these ensure that the fall is intercepted and a complete fall is not possible. So if a fall occurs, the person can be intercepted using the Psaga and serious injuries can be avoided.

There are several ways in which a psaga can be set. Because the different systems offer different methods for the Psaga and ensure flexible areas of application for personal protective equipment against falls.

Anchors or attachment points are used for the firm fixation to the building or construction.

Attachment points can differ depending on the fall protection system.

  • Psaga with individual attachment points offers simple and safe protection, permanent or temporary attachment points are attached to the structure, which are then connected to the lanyard and personal safety belts or safety vests. These can either intercept the fall or prevent falls by preventing the edge of the fall from being reached.
  • Psaga is also possible using special attachment points that serve as a bracket for a rope or rail safety system. These systems are attached to the roof or structure using anchors or attachment points. A wire rope or a rail system is connected via the attachment points and thus provides the basis for the Psaga. The lanyard and the straps or safety ropes are then connected to the rail or rope system and thus serve as fall protection. These systems provide a greater range of motion for the various work at height.

The diversity of the Psaga is not only differentiated by the straps and safety vests and the various attachment points and safety systems. There is also a wide range of options for connecting anchoring points and retaining straps and safety ropes, which ensure an even higher level of safety.

The lanyards that are used in the Psaga have different properties and can provide good cushioning in the event of a fall and also make recovery much easier.

Popular lanyards are:

  • The fall arrest device

The fall arrest device works in a similar way to a seat belt in a car. Because inside there is a drum that is equipped with a belt or rope. This moves with the person's movements and thus enables a larger radius for work. In the event of a fall, the blockage is triggered, as with a seat belt, and the fall is intercepted. There are fall arrest devices that are equipped with an additional function that can make rescue easier.

  • The traveling interceptor

The accompanying fall arrest device works like the fall arrest device. This is a connection device that runs along and also stops with jerky movements and a certain speed and does not continue to run. In this case, too, the crash is halted and stopped.

  • Lanyard with energy absorber

These connecting means are specially woven textile material that tears open in the event of a fall. By tearing open the rope becomes longer and the fall is cushioned. A triggered energy absorber can be up to 1.75 meters longer than one that is intact.

Many fall arrest devices are already equipped with an energy absorber and thus cushion the fall. This significantly minimizes the forces on the person and injuries can also be avoided.

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